Guy’s Spices

April 17, 2021

Guy’s Spices offers homemade spice mixes designed to bring real flavour to food.

Using his experience gained in kitchens in NZ and Europe, talented chef Owen Brighurst creates all the handmade spice mixes at Guy’s Spices

The homemade spice mixes supplied by Guy’s Spices work as meat marinades, baking ingredient and for main meals.

Wholesale spice mixes

Guy’s Spices supplies restaurants, cafes with bulk and wholesale handmade spice mix options for use in commercial setups. Retail outlets are also supplied.

How to use spice mixes in cooking

The handmade spices from Guy’s Spices can be used for all kinds of things. Spice mixes work well for meat rubs and marinades, soups and even baking cookies.

Spice mixes for sale online

The handmade spice mixes from Guy’s Spices can be delivered NZ-wide. Spices can be bought online in varying package sizes to help all home cooks add flavour to all sorts of meals.

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