Pest Attack Rodent Control

February 9, 2021

A family owned and operated business, Pest Attack Rodent Control provide professional Rodent eradication services.

We have serviced residential, rental and commercial businesses throughout Tauranga and the greater Bay of Plenty for several years.

Whether you’re a large commercial property or a small office building, we can service and eradicate the rodents from your place.

Rodent control from the qualified experts

We make sure our standards and methods comply with the New Zealand Government Regulations for safety reasons and efficiency. Using the best of new, cutting edge technology and methods guarantee the pest problem in your property is gone for good.

Don’t let a stray mouse or rat turn into a bigger problem

Eradicate the problem before it gets bad. Mice and Rats are known to carry harmful diseases and cause damage to buildings by chewing through walls and wires… So have the experts at Pest Attack Rodent Control help you today!

Safe and professional extermination

At Pest Attack Rodent Control, our qualified handlers use much stronger stuff than store-bought products and know how to use them safely. Leave the problem to the specialists and call us today!

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