The expert concrete team at KingiCrete successfully carry out concrete flooring and driveways throughout the Tauranga region

November 1, 2020

Established in 2006, KingiCrete delivers top-quality pours for all concrete jobs.

KingiCrete is renowned throughout Tauranga for delivering high-quality concrete projects for domestic, rural and business customers.

To schedule a site visit so that an accurate quote can be given, contact our concrete specialists now.

Concrete driveway installation

Do you need a concrete pad installed for your new spa pool? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your pool area with exposed aggregate? KingiCrete can fulfil all your concrete requirements.

Durable concrete cow sheds

Not all cow sheds are created equal. Make sure your concrete pad is poured correctly the first time. For expert advice about the right way to create a concrete cow shed, contact KingiCrete today.

Concrete car park installation

KingiCrete has expertise in kiwifruit packing warehouses and in laying concrete flooring for large sheds. To discuss your commercial concrete project, contact our team today.

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