October 30, 2020

TruFold products have been servicing the Bay of plenty for over 60 years. each flashing fabrication will be made to order and in a 5-day turnaround.

Precision metal cutting is ensured with our computer numerical controlled water jet cutting machinery.

Get a flawless paint finish for most kinds of metals with our QNET accredited metal powder coaters.

Offering power coating

Powder costing ensures that most metals achieve a professional look. Quality results are assured every time as Trufold products are Dulex QNET accredited.

Flashing products

TruFold Products offers a full selection of architectural flashing products for residential, commercial and industrial projects, as well as custom flashing fabrication to meet any requirement.

Cutting using a water jet

Water jet cutting at TruFold products is the ultimate solution for most precision cutting. Perfect for any production runs and competitively priced.

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